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Our steep radius conformers for evisceration procedures provide the proper fit for the globe and reduce the possibility of central pressure/blanching and tissue necrosis. 

The posterior curve of our steep radius conformers is based on a 46.00 diopters radius, so the fit to the globe is more accurate than traditional conformers while increasing patient comfort. 




Below we have listed the sizes and suggested use of each steep radius conformer.

Sizes Available:

    Small: Recommended for children and small adults: SRC-01 (21x18 mm).

    Medium: Suggested for women and smaller male globes: SRC-02 (22x21)mm.

   Large: Designed for men with larger globes: SRC-03 (24x22 mm). 

Each sterile steep radius evisceration conformer is packaged in a single sterile pouch ready for use. We have a range of sterile sizes to serve you in single use packages, in boxes of ten each size or assorted for your convenience. Create your own assortment like the one below.               

An assortment might include: 2 (SRC-01) Small, 4 (SRC-02) Medium and 4 (SRC-03) Large. 

Each box is $210.00 plus we will replace any out dated packages you may in the years to      come so, there is never any loss to you because of experation dates.


Minimum Order Amount:  USA $30.00, outside USA $100.00

Shipping:  We ship UPS, USPS Priority Mail and USPS Global Priority Mail outside the USA.  The average time for Global Priority Delivery is 7 to 10 days and cost $35 to $45.  Shipments are set same day if we receive the order by 3 pm pacific coast time.


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