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  • Item #: ETO-PO-C-10
  • Manufacturer: Kolberg Ocular Supplies, Inc.
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Comformers: Conformers are intended as post-operative enucleation stints to provide a smooth surface for the lids to blink over while protecting the surgical closure beneath.

Vented vs. Non-Vented:
The choice of vented or non-vented conformers in most cases is determined by the surgeon's preference. Some surgeons prefer the vented style conformer because the vents holes help drain the exudates from the socket. In addition, the vent holes provide a convenient opening to squeeze antibiotic ointment through while the socket heals.             


Sizes Available:

 Pediatric: Used with infants or sometime for contracted sockets.

 Small:  Suggested for children and small adults and useful for contracted sockets.

 Medium : Most popular size used in over 60% of surgical enucleation cases. 

 Large: Designed for larger sockets or for cases of socket cul-de-sac grafting when the surgeon is using the conformer as a stint with the lids sewn shut to form deeper cul-de-sacs.



The conformers are packaged in 10 single unit pouches for $157.50

You can order 10 of the same size or 10 assorted sizes. 


If your on-hand supply expires, we will replace any outdated pouches.
Call us for return information.

The cost to ship ten conformers is the same as one.

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Minimum Order Amount:  USA $30.00, outside USA $100.00

Shipping:  We ship UPS, USPS Priority Mail and USPS Global Priority Mail outside the USA.  The average time for Global Priority Delivery is 7 to 10 days and cost $35 to $45.  Shipments are set same day if we receive the order by 3 pm pacific coast time.


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