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  • Item #: ETO-SSA-10
  • Manufacturer: Kolberg Ocular Supplies, Inc.
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Description: 10 Single Use Sterile Corneal Shields without handles are packaged with a silicone suction cup in individual pouches ready to use.  These shields cannot be reused or resterilized. 

If you require shields that can be recycled, order our autoclavable shields.  



Sizes Available:  There are four sizes of Surgical Shields in black or clear PMMA plastic:

 Pediatric: 18 X 14 mm, suggested for infants (SSA-P)

 Small: 21 X 18 mm, used for children and smaller women (SSA-01)

 Medium: 22 X 21mm, most popular size (SSA-02)

 Large: 28 X 22 mm, designed for larger globes such as men (SSA-03)


Ordering Options:

A box of Ten:
Chose a box of ten the same size, or the popular assortment.

Popular Assortment: This box consists of: (2) Small, (4) Medium and (4) Large. If you treat infants you may wish to have one pair of infant shields on hand also.  Order an assortment you wish by ordering the amount of each size you desire to equal ten and we will box it up for you as your own assortment.

Expiration Date:

If your on-hand supply expires, we will replace any outdated
pouches at no charge. Call us for return information.

Shipping fees:

Save on delivery fees, the cost to ship ten shields is the same as one.   


Minimum Order Amount:  USA $30.00, outside USA $100.00

Shipping:  We ship UPS, USPS Priority Mail and USPS Global Priority Mail outside the USA.  The average time for Global Priority Delivery is 7 to 10 days and cost $35 to $45.  Shipments are sent the same day if we receive the order by 3 pm.


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